Are you ready for something different?

You need a Rock Star speaker for your event. You need something different. Something unique. You wish you could afford Jeff Foxworthy or Tony Robbins but you can’t. So,

Hire Beech

He is Southern and funny. He brings lots of “gold business nuggets” to his presentation. Your folks will stash these “gold nuggets” away and pull them out when they return to the office.

Then you become the Rock Star!

Beech entertains them. He is a storyteller like no other. They laugh and they learn something about themselves and each other.

Leave Steve’s session knowing more about:

  1. How to have better relationships with customers – and co-workers too
  2. What others are saying about you that you can use to your advantage
  3. Learn why you need to change the conversation you’re having with yourself

These “gold nuggets” change lives.

“I truly have a blast speaking and communicating…”

Steve wants to get your sales people up off that 1970’s plaid sofa and into the church of What’s Happening Now!

Your “A” players are too complacent. Fat and lazy, so to speak. They don’t realize how much gold is in them there hills.

How can Beech help?

  • With a Keynote Address – 20 min to 1 hour
  • In your Conference Room – ½ to full day (and your people will have to get up and talk to each other!)
  • Man to Man or Zone Coverage – 1 day to 1 year

Folks, Beech runs a two-man shop and plans on keeping it that way. If you need help, he’s in. Just call or write him. Unlike the big boys, he answers his own phone.